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Łukasz Bolda

Hi, I'm Łukasz! Professionally, I am a system analyst designer. I have many years of programming experience. I'm passionate about 3D graphics, especially the use of artificial intelligence in the creative process and cgi animation. I am creating a YouTube channel “Blender Smoothie 3d” on this topic. In my free time I also ride a unicycle, motorbike, dance and paint.

If you want to cooperate with me, I invite you to contact me at partnership@rebold.pl. I am open to co-creating videos on YouTube as well as participating in interesting projects related to design, 3D graphics and artificial intelligence.

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I run YouTube channels:

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REBOLD Photography

Photography always remains in my heart because for me it is capturing in time not only moments but also emotions and what is fleeting. Therefore, despite the end of my photographic activity, I leave below the website where I share my photographic portfolio.